2 cme credits

granted by the SSMO and SSH


Length: 120 minutes

It should take approximately 2 hours to complete this module.

This module will combine two sections: a webinar-based section, which will include an expert panel discussion and a text-based section that will provide a comprehensive overview of the latest knowledge, experience, and available information on COVID-19, with a particular focus on oncology and hematology.

This module will:

  • present key recommendations and share the latest clinical experiences of renowned Swiss experts on COVID-19 and cancer through a webinar-based panel discussion
  • provide essential background data on COVID-19 and an outlook of potential treatments that are currently being investigated
  • discuss available recommendations and guidelines for COVID-19-infected cancer patients and treatment strategies
  • highlight the impact of COVID-19 on the management of cancer patients and how this pandemic affects oncology and hematology clinical research


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